Unlocked; A Prequel to Lock In

Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome - John Scalzi

My first encounter with John Scalzi.

This DRM free ebook acts as a prequel to Scalzi's Lock In published in August 2014.

This prequel acts as an oral history; a verbal historical documentation to the discovery and quarantine of the Haden's Syndrome named after the fictional first lady who contracts it.

a flu like illness that rampages the world from one end to the other. 15% of the world population succumb to it. There are three phases of the disease.

A flu ...
The lock in phase; where the mind is locked in in an inert body that breathes but can't function ..

There is a solution . I won't spoil it. Read the book.

It's short and a teaser. it's well written and a very possible scenario. Not very far fetched.

Short and enjoyable.